How do I choose a candidate?

Who Should Be Sponsored?

Vida Nueva (VN) is appropriate for young people who desire to grow closer in their walk with Christ. This includes youth/young adults who are already active in their churches and youth/campus groups, young people in the church who are not active in the youth group, even those who are not currently part of a church but are seeking to know Christ more fully in their lives. Youth group leaders and even mature youth or campus leaders are excellent candidates for sponsorship because VN can build upon their infectious energy and natural leadership skills to inspire them to reenergize and influence their churches and other youth/young adults. This doesn't mean that those who have fledgling faiths or are new to the church should not be sponsored. VN is for any of these people who seek to grow stronger in their faith and in their walk with Christ.

Who Should Not Be Sponsored?

VN is NOT for everyone. Even though a youth or young adult may meet the criteria above, it does not mean they have to or need to go on VN weekend. There are many paths to Christ, VN is just one of them. Those who should not attend VN  include young people with no interest in Christ or the church, youth/young adults who are not mature enough for or who would seek to disrupt the event, and youth who are undergoing crisis or trauma. People in these situations will often not benefit from the weekend because of their own troubles or inclinations and may actually become a distraction for others who are at the weekend trying to grow in their faith. Additionally, youth/young adults with religious backgrounds incompatible with Christianity and youth whose parents who do not wish their child to attend the weekend should not be sponsored. VN should never be a point of division between a young person and their family. Sponsors should also reconsider sponsoring anyone unwilling to commit to attending future VN events. VN should not be forced. A person should desire to participate in VN.