What do I need to know?

Sponsorship is a living act of love. It is the most important gift of compassion you can give on a weekend. While it is a tremendous responsibility it is an amazing, powerful, and rejuvenating gift to God, the teen, the community, the church, Vida Nueva, and yourself. Sponsorship is awesome!

Good sponsorship is vital to the movement. It forms the support structure for the community. Sponsors make God's love real to young people and helps make a sacrificial act of love from start to finish. Sponsorship is a continuing and real act of love. It doesn't end when the weekend ends. It continues as the new member goes forth in their next steps and as they become a servant and a sponsor in their own right.

The purpose of sponsorship is the same as supporting the church and to help young people grow closer in their walk with Christ. You should NEVER sponsor someone in order to "fix" them. That is not the role of VN or sponsorship. Good reasons for sponsoring someone include desires for a young person to experience the acceptance and healing power of God, to realize God loves and appreciates them, to have a chance to discuss with nonjudgmental Christian peers and adults the struggles and questions they have as young people, and to support them as they mature into Christian leaders.

Sponsors should prayerfully consider who they will be sponsoring and their role as that person's sponsor. VN weekends are for high school and college age young adults. Young men and women from age 15 through age 20 are eligible to attend. Those over the age of 21 should look at Tres Dias - if you want more information please look at the North Texas Tres Dias website.