Donate Now!

Dear Believer:

I come to you this day with an urgent request; one that touches virtually every household in our community. This request is to help us providethe financial foundation for Vida Nueva (VN) in North Central Texas. This weekend is called “DFW Vida Nueva”, or DFWVN which is Spanish for “New Life”. In many ways it is similar to your Tres Dias experience - a life changing, soul satisfying weekend, directed at our youth,ages 15-20.  The weekends are worked by adults and teens that have been through a similar weekend, with a teen andadult co-rector to ensure all activities run smoothly and according to God’s plan.

We ask you forprayerful consideration on how you can help our new community. Running anyweekend, especially starting a new community has costs. Among our initialcosts, we must pay for the legal filings to establish our 501c3 status, providea deposit for campground fees, and to acquire the necessary supplies.  I encourage each person to listen how the Lordleads you in offering a donation to aide in our success and formation of thiscommunity.  Every little bit helps, andno donation is too small.  I pray by thetime you come to the conclusion of this message, you will feel compelled todonate $1, $10, $100 or more – whatever you can give to help us provideweekends for our young adults. With 4,000 adults in DFW having made a Tres Dias– just $20 from 20% of our community will not only enable us to secure thecampgrounds for our first 2 sets of weekends, it provides scholarships for anumber of young people who desperately want to attend – but, lack the financialresources. Will you help?

In January,30 adults and youth came together to form a Steering Committee that in 6 months resulted in the creation of a Board of Directors, a 501c3 with target dates for our first VN weekends, BiLaws and foundational community to serve the youth inour region of 6.3 million people for this generation and for generations to follow. Call this our generational blessing!!!

As with all weekend communities across the globe, financial resources are crucial – our need is no different. What is different is that:


  • 100% of the funds raised will be used to for VN weekends, not one person involved draws any compensation for their efforts –all done for the glory of God – working with His kids
  • VN communities have proven results, just likeTres Dias, providing a weekend experience which ignites the fire in the candidates to be disciples of Christ and active in their church
  • The target audience (15 – 20 year olds) are under severe attack, along with their families. These young people desperately need a weekend to reinforce their faith, link their priorities to the Lord’s,and encourage healing in their families
  • All 3 North Central Texas Tres Dias communities support VN’s mission, prayerfully encourage our efforts, and have already provided resources to bring our vision to reality


Therefore we ask you for three things:

  1. Foremost pray for DFWVN – that we keep our eyes focused on the Lord’s leading, today, tomorrow and until He comes.
  2. Encourage young people who you know to sign up today for a weekend. Let us know if you wish to have greater details on applications or for that matter anything else to enable that person(s) make a VN. If your church is open to a presentation, we will assure representatives of DFWVN are there with details and testimonies of how Christ touched their lives on a weekend.
  3. Seek the Lord’s guidance on how much to give today. We have established a PayPal account for contributions - the donation button is located below in the links area or on our homepage. Whether you personally and/or you would ask your church/fellowship to contribute to DFWVN – this is the place to go.


Thank you so much for your attention.  If you wish more information on how you can get involved, we encourage you to reach out to any of the people below and find out more about this incredible instrument of God.

In Him;

Stephen E.Reiter

President & Community Lay Director, DFWVN